Fiftieth means prizes!!

I have been numbering posts through my labels. If there was an un-numbered post, then I wouldn't count it.
  All  I'm trying to say is that I've reached my fiftieth numbered post. I am confident enough to make a nice ol' scavenger hunt around my blog (and the suitcase project) to celebrate.
  1. What kind of pet did I have in my oldest screenshot (it's in the caption of it), and what color was it?
  2. Which labels have I used twice?
  3. On what date was my first post?
  4. What was Paige's first comment? (No author ID but she says who she is in the comment.)
  5. When I proposed a party, what kind of house did I say a scene looked like? (World)
  6. What was the sixth packing essential in the Wysteria Suitcase? (S.P.)
  7. What was my second step in the counterweight strategy-two wizard? (S.P.)
  8. During which meetup was I hyperventilating? 
  9. How many times have I posted a link to Friendly's blog?
  10. How many screenshots have I posted total?
Include your wizard name, and (if you're using comment-mail) your email address. Comments are moderated, and I will not post answers.
The hunt ends in either twenty entries or ten posts, unless Xmas comes before the tenth post.
 If so, I will meetup with your wizard to gift you later than the Holidays, if needed. 
If my tenth post/twentieth entry is before Xmas, then I will meet up with you ASAP!
If you do not wish to meet up with Desti, then I will give you three KI free games codes, since I am not the best at them.
Keep Traveling!
(Answer key will come on the tenth post/after contest)