Day 10, and a little background knowledge

Ack, I came too early once again. Today, I'm hoping to make a quality post, so....I'll probably procrastinate.

  On the other hand, Destiny is almost level 42, and she has a mini-goal at the moment.
The goal is to cast this from her spell deck, not from her TC deck, which is filled with Dryads at the moment.
I have to admit learning Colossus will be a really important moment. I have wanted to learn this particular spell ever since I was roughly level 4, when I first learned it even existed.
During that time, I watched as wizards in helmets and cloaks flounced around through the Commons, looking light-as-air actual wizards.
If I remember correctly, there was this Grandmaster (who, way back when, was at the level cap) who helped young wizards in Unicorn Way, or Triton Avenue, I can't really remember where I was.
Believe it or not, my spells fizzled a lot (it seemed like) back then, and I was down to half health quickly. That mentioned wizard hopped into my battle, and brought me back to full health. At that point, I had no idea what a Satyr was, and I was surprised by the healing spell itself.
Following that kind gesture, the wizard proved to be a Thaumaturge like me, and cast a mighty colossus that bashed the life out of my opponent.
Muttering a 'thank you...' through menu chat, I never saw that wizard again.
Even though I can't remember its name, gear, gender,  or much of anything else about that wizard, I think that's why I paused questing to help Paige up to my level, 12 levels later from that point.
Wizard that helped me, if you're reading this(though it's highly unlikely), send me an email.
I'll edit once I find what day 10 is.
Keep Traveling!
Day 10: