Copy, Paste

Straight from Elijah Lightthief:

*"Alright witches and wizards i am going to have a party in my MFP today as my birthday party because today is my actual birthday!

When: 3:45 PSTwhere: my MFP; go to ice tower realm wu and ill pick all you up at 3:45 with my port bus elijah light thief death lvl 10
occasion: my birthday!

See you in the spiral!!!
-Elijah light thief"

I really like his blog and I like parties, with allot of people! So I'm going hope you go too. Yes he does have more view than me but he hasn't been posting his awesome posts, so Elijah if you are reading this, POST!**

*Copied and pasted from Elijah's blog; **copied and pasted by me from Justin Shadowblade's blog

Keep Traveling!