December 28, 2011

Coming Soon!!

Boy, do I have a lot in store for you!! Coming up, I have not only Frozen to Death and Mount Lab results, but a new segment, that will possible include 'quality posts'! This is just brainstorming, but:
Blogs of Note
  • Will feature one W101 blog, one that I read and enjoy
  • Blogs can also be submitted through email or comment-mail
  • Will include overview, details, and a lot of compliments
  • Might even help out newer blogs
  • Will possibly include screenshots of the blog owner's wizard and mine in an in-game meet up
  • Possibly an interview, if I'm (and the other person is) up to it
That's all I have so far, but will have more ideas in the coming days.
Save the Suitcase Project!
Keep Traveling!
My entry for Friendly's Spell of the Week

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