So maybe I'm not hyperventilating anymore. Yesterday, I think my lungs finally rested.
 Thanks (again) to Talon T, I listened in to Spiral Live for the first time, and joined the chat room. I chatted with people I had seen in game just hours before, and (for the most part) there was never a 'confuzzling' moment for me. I learned the definition of 'squijax', and discussed a lot with the crowd.
  Oy, then came the afterparty. I was already partied-out by two o'clock, but what the hey-I logged on and joined the awkward silence. Nicholas Lionrider and Blaze Shadowhorn were chatting it up on skype, leaving the rest of us in the dark Sultan's Palace, deadpan silent.
  Being the impatient wizard I am, I started goofing around with Talon Nightshade.
This will make for a great banner

Yea, we figured out how to be on the little mirage hill, touching the gold chest


More Jumping
Well Wizards, I had a lot of fun that day. Here are the standings for my little scavenger hunt-
The Hilarious Thaumaturge-Will win the prize if I don't get more entries.
Paige Daisypetal- Will also win a prize if Talon is the only participant**
Keep Traveling!

** Paige,
I'm really really sorry I forgot to tell you about these two wonderful events. I'm going to make it up to you, okay? I was excited, and at one point you didn't pick up the phone. Accept my apology, chum?
:D es