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When I went looking for a blog of note for the first time, I started with thinking: "Well, I've already mentioned (these people) so many times, I really shouldn't be posting even more about them" Next off, I decided not to post about those who are already at the top of their game, as my intentions were somewhat to help other blogs.
Lastly, I needed to post about a blog that I really liked, with an author who I could get in contact with. Voila, an idea popped into my head: Swordroll!
Heading to my email, I contacted the author behind the blog and the Goldrivers. Though I'm not going to post what he said, Swordroll replied quite kindly and professionally. He was happy to help out with the new segment!!

Swordroll's Blog focuses on Wizard101, like all the Blogs of Note I will share. I found it very detailed, with long, quality posts, something a lot of bloggers strive for. I found the said posts very informational; and I wound up using his posts to gather most of my desired info for when ZF came out. Upon reading more of Swordroll's Blog, (see how I'm using hyperlinks,) I found him to be knowledgeable and resourceful.
  To top it off, Swordroll came up with several interesting ideas on what to add to the game we know and love, his most recent idea being Advanced Lighting, which focuses on the light sources (torches, streetlights, etc) in certain areas not being the only light sources, and how the game would change if they were.
  Upon emailing Swordroll, I included an interview. I really enjoyed how he responded:

Why/When/How did you choose to blog about W101, or blog at all?
To be completely honest, I started a blog because I saw the benefits of having one. Fortunately, that feeling quickly left when I fell absolutely in love with blogging, getting my own domain and posting nearly every day now. I simply love it! There was only one option for the blog - the game I love - Wizard101! I decided to start blogging about the day I started, sometime around the end of May.

When/How did you make the decision to play W101?
I started playing back when we only had world through Moo Shu. There was first generation crown gear, which could be purchased for gold, and I'd change the colors to Brown to cut the price in half. I was well into Moo Shu before Dragonspyre was released. I began after seeing the commercial. The fact that it was a family game was very appealing. It simply looked whimsical and fun, so I decided to just try it out. It took many hours to download on my slow desktop at the time.

What are your dreams for your wizards/blog?
I've always had specific purposes for each of my characters - Death is the "adventurer," always going through worlds first, and he's the one I play on the most. He also does all the crafting. My Ice character was my original gardener, planting Prickly Bears for Mega Snacks. My Balance does most of the PvP. I don't know that I have any real "dreams" for the characters. As far as my blog goes, like any blogger, I love feedback, comments, suggestions, etc., even when it's criticism. I hope to expand my audience and bring my ideas, guides, and information to as many people as possible. Official fan-site status wouldn't be too bad, either.

Do you ever have a constant worry when it comes to your blog?
Yes, actually, I put so much work into many of these posts, possibly hours of time, and so I worry that no one actually reads half of them. Other than that, I just write and take pictures!

Express your thoughts: Equality through all seven schools
Equality through all seven schools. Sounds like someone's ideal idea of the seven schools, but unfortunately, not all schools are equal. Every school will be better than another in one situation or another. They all have their specialties, but they'd have to have the same spells to be truly equal. That's a topic for another blog post. :)

What is your secret to quality posts?
I've done quite a lot of brainstorming. I've found that Top 10s, 10 Comments, etc. are quite popular and simple to do. For things like top 10 instances and top five rarest treasure cards and where to find them, I took others' input on Central and my own opinion into consideration. While I do blog because I love it, I do take a look at stats, mainly because I want to see what people really want to read and what they're interesting in. After a great response to the pictures of spells posted on my post including the updates on Zafaria, I did an Analysis of the Level 68 Spells, which quickly became my most popular post in only a month, with triple the page views of any other post. It's what people wanted to read, and so that's what I wrote. In summary, post what others want to read. In a current poll, I'm finding, so far, that "Feature Posts" are most popular. These are topics in general - The Unknown Pet Files, etc.

Lastly, can I have your autograph? No, no no..What is your message to the Spiral?
Well, there are a variety of things I can say here, aren't there? I think that, besides the whole "Check out my blog" bit, the most important part of the game is having fun with whatever you do with it, whether it's blogging, or something in-game like crafting or PvP. Enjoy the way you play!


Slightly before he responded to the interview, we met up in game to take screenshots, which ended up in a tour of my house (which I still claim unfinished) and a lot of jokes and talking.
Overall, it was great, no, absolutely fabulous to interview and meet up (in-game) with Swordroll, and I can't wait to do so for the rest of the blogs of note!

Visit Swordroll's Blog!
Keep Traveling!

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  1. @PaigieDee,
    Credit to Swordroll, but yes, uber post.

  2. I thought I'd left a comment on here, but I remember now - my computer froze and disconnected while trying to do so. :)

    I think I enjoyed doing this just as much as you did! It was great to meet you in-game and you'll forever be a great, blogging friend! By the way, Happy New Year, and Congratz on your second "Wizaversary!"

    See you in the Spiral!


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