...and on the third day of Xmas

KI gave to us,
A string of holiday lights,
An awesome poetry contest,
And an epic super awesome Chrismoose!

Yes, the third day of Wizard has arrived, and who wouldn't like a nice string of lights.
To make this post rather interesting, my neighbors have a gigantic Kris Kringle (Santa Claus to you young'uns) in their yard (What are they trying to do? Scare him away from the preschoolers who live there?) and my other neighbor has the entire light-up wire reindeer set, sleigh and candy-cane basketball hoop included.
Me? Meh, can you say, Happy Hanukkah? I enjoy the festivities though. :)
Keep Traveling! (And yes (Talon T), I am going to update my ring, athame, and maybe amulet today.)

**Level update! I'm halfway to level 41 and will not procrastinate.
***Header update! This photo was taken when I was on a crowded server, giving wizards 'rides' across this part in the Cave of Solitude


  1. Congratulations on halfway to level 41!

    Your headers always make me laugh.

  2. Thank you SO much for saying that! You really made my day!
    Des :)


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