Need I say more, Wizards? To follow Celestia comes a new world, complete with new enemies to face, new spells to cast, more levels to achieve, and....
Dun Dun Dun.....
So, being a lower level, and having no irl friends of a high enough level, I'll share what I've researched. In a nutshell, it's a long story.
So, the puzzle began with three screenshot 'clues' of the new world. I have read the 'first solving' several times in different places, so I'll give credit when I get proof.
The Clues
Translated as 'Down in the Depths
Found on
Translated as 'At The Top Of The World'
Found on
Translated as 'Find Her There'
Again, found on
I predict that the three lines mean:
This world takes place somewhere on Earth below the equator
When you are doing epically great
You will face Morganthe
So anyhow, the world is Zafaria, like I mentioned. It seems 'Zafari' themed, and is complete with tuskless elephants, primates, and (Find Her There) some sort of 'elephant graveyard', as seen on the image name.
With this new world comes new spells, so from research, I found two things, all on Swordroll's and Aaron Starheart's  blogs (thanks, giving credit to ya)

From Aaron's
From Swordroll's

  • Katzenstein's lab glitch has been fixed, but now I found one with the counterweights. Once you finish one, you report to the questgiver, who tells you to do it again. Once you finish, they give you the exp. I hope it doesn't happen with Big Ben.
  • Yeah, I finished 1.5 counterweights (with the glitch thing)....but in 15 minutes
  • My evil magma peas are becoming stubborn magma peas
  • My grapes of wrath give me golden grapes (Sha-la)
  • Destiny is level 36
  • Blaze D is getting the Safari-themed bundle tomorrow.
Concluding my longest post yet, I hope you...
Keep Traveling! (Give me some info on ZF!!!)