Update on the dumb domar people

So, with a lot of positive feedback from you guys, I did some more research on 'the domars'.
Turns out, based on this link, (not the domar link), several bloggers have encountered the same problem. I agree with the first or second response; if we bloggers quit falling for their link-trap (My new computer has no important files :) ) , 'the domars' will stop their scam. Please, post on your blogs, to not click on the domar.ru link!! That alone might save or sink the blogosphere!
(end superhero comic simulation)
Do you get my point? I hope none of you fall for this trap.
Keep Traveling!
Update: I also found more scammer sites. The last one has tried to stop Travels.

www.lethal-commissions.tk (sounds scary)
On no circumstances should you risk your blogs for these sites. Spread the word, save the blogosphere! (and end the simulation!)
Clue: Sir Maxwell the great, Sir Maxwell the wise, Sir Maxwell the Heckhound, Sir Maxwell the mentor.