Special Thanks to a Special Wizard

Hello Everybody! I was just in Tatakai Outpost, questing. I was indeed struggling with Ronin Keyholders, and I saw a battle to join. That was how I met the subject of this post, Keller Jadeshade. He helped me out with my questing, out of pure kindness because he was LEVEL 70!!! That was the first level 70 guy I've met. When the moment was right, Keller would do the really cool Gnome spell, and kill everybody in sight. (Duh, I friended him immediately)
I wanted to shout out to him, just in case he reads. Thanks Keller! I'll be in Crimson Fields tomorrow!
I ALSO wanted to post screenshots.
That's him on the left

This would make an awesome banner


Dude, you'd better watch out for KELLER'S WRATH

I guess he didn't listen to me...
Clue in clue series: Too twosome for you? Level 2 for threesome.
Keep Traveling!