November 23, 2011

Quickly, now

Though this might be the record shortest post on Travels, I have reached 1,002 pageviews! Though the site that 'viewed' it was those domars, I still feel proud.
Keep Traveling!
P.S. I made a cool new banner for Paige. The one on her site is temporary, and will have a funny line and a couple cards on it.
Paige adores, I (almost) ignore.
And a more obvious one: Burn Bright, Play Right, Fire Alight, Limelight.


  1. I do not understand the last three lines on this post. Explain?

    Also,Stupid domars.

  2. Those are the two very vague clues to the clue series starting on the post; Feeling a Little Bit Left Out, or something along the lines of that.


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