Onward and (Definitely) Upward

To follow my mongo Zafaria post comes a shorter one. In an hour or two, I'll be ascending Big Ben with Paige and that kid who helped us when she did it! I've spent all morning looking for a good guide. Central helped greatly.
Last night, I made changes to my Marleybone suitcase on the Project. To get peppy for a possible GH one, I made a treasure card suitcase to Ben.

  • Judgement (xAs many as possible)
  • Crow (x4 on whoever does a lot of damage)
  • Satyr (x15 XD)
  • Skeletal Dragon (I soloed a lot of stuff with that card)
  • Triton (The card which I find very plentiful)
  • Monstrous
  • Fortify
  • Amplify
Well, I should rest my sanity. I'm thinking too much (and packing too much).
Keep Traveling!