Mooshu, ho!

Lots has changed since I posted last. I leveled up, completed Big Ben, and entered Mooshu. So, things started out like this...
HIM again...
 So after Malistaire stopped blabbing, P and I started kicking booty.
My Personal Favorite Spell

On a Different Level, but I still kick booty. The dude in red is Blaze F.

Then, Paige and I (B left) needed quick health. We got it thanks to Lady Phoebe the Nightmare.
Credit to Phoebe
Meow died shortly after that.
At least we don't have to bury the poor cat. He just sunk into the battlefield.
So now, with Marleybone behind me, I face a new world, one with more grass, flowers, peace...
I meant new enemies to face and bosses to beat. But hey, it's my first day out of Marleybone. Why not fly to Mooshu and smell the cherry blossoms?
Keep Traveling!


  1. I like the new header, and gratz on making it to MS. Isnt it a relief to get out and take deep breath and look at the nice scenery?


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