Gobble, Gobble, *Burp*, Nap

'Tis Thanksgiving (or Thanksgiginv *nudges Friendly*), and boy do I have a 'Thankful list' for you. (not in number order, I care about them equally)
  • Travels of the Thaumaturge
  • Wizard101
  • My Parents
  • My Life as a whole
  • My friends (irl, in game, and my followers), where would I be without them?
  • My Piano teacher (whose life was in danger three times this year)
  • My Tennis coach, team, and racket
  • The art of Thaumaturgy
  • My house
  • All those who have tried to restore peace within the world,  in a civilized manner
  • That I drink clean water
  • That my fizzles are minimal (doh)
  • And lastly, but not least(ly), I am thankful for Mindy Pearlthief, my newest addition to my wizards and the result of my several mind-boggling clues!!!

Eat well, Wizards!
Keep Traveling! **

**In my neck of the woods, traveling airport-wise (I'd rather teleport) is the same as the kind of traffic where you have enough time to get a tan on your car roof in the pouring rain before actually going somewhere. Make sure your bags aren't a hassle, and that you're early for your flight. Keep Traveling (Safely)!

Edit: Wow, I guess that it isn't just the domars and fushrodahs who provided just under 100 pageviews today! I can't thank you guys enough!