Feeling a Little Left Out

I dunno, crowd of under a thousand people. This is either an essay or a rant. It could also be deleted in a week. (By the way, my spacebar is sticky so beware of words 'likethis'.)
In short, being a lower level blogger is hard. You can't post too many world updates (Take Zafaria), and (lower level being my highest) your wisdom isn't the best, thus not being able to answer too many complicated questions.
Yet, being of less wizardly wisdom, that makes me feel more (intimidated?) to learn as much as I can. I try to level constantly, and I progress regularly. Destiny is getting stronger as you read this. The more I know, the more I can help, which is my motto and main goal.
Take this situation. YOU are Destiny.
So, you marvel at the breathtaking sights of Mooshu, its clear blue skies and cherry blossom trees. You fly through Hametsu Village, and attempt to find a (Ice enemy) to fight.
About 200 steps in, you find your target. Grinning almost maniacally, you get yourself drawn into a battle circle,   battling the pig.
Two rounds later, you spy the card 'Steal Ward' in your deck. You cast the spell skillfully, and it doesn't fizzle. When the pig takes its turn, it casts an Evil Snowman.
When you look at your cards again, you notice that the pig still bears a tower shield. Confuzzled (I know...), you continue to pass and continue the battle.
Though you defeat the enemy, you're still wondering why that Steal Ward failed to work.
End Scenario
So, I don't know what happens every time I cast that, but my 'disadvantage' makes me persevere even more to find a solution.
Anyhow, I'm done with that.

  • Paige needs crowns and will get them soon (yay)
  • I am learning iceblade soon
  • Something exciting is coming up. **
  • I will meet Blaze F's sister Donna on Saturday
** Once a post, for a little while, I'll give you a very vague clue to this.
Clue for this post: Imp, Ambrose, Argleston.

Keep Traveling!


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