Another Round of Updates

I couldn't resist.
  • The Suitcase Project is up and running! The progress is minimal though. You are more than welcome to contribute to it.
  • (See Picture)
  • Okay, got new robes, and wings. The wings in this pic are 1 day,
    my permi wings are orange. Got wings from Wyvern's Hoard
    I redecorated my house (again) to have a fence of fir trees! I think it's pretty cool, but it costs a lot of gold. Will post screenshots when finished with it.
  • Got a new pet from WHPs. I'm hoping for the best with Queen Misty the Pixie Queen!
  • I'm getting closer to P's level, and she is getting closer to Tree of Life. Will probably look up a guide in a week to a couple weeks.
  • Zafaria is live! I can't wait to level up about 23 times to venture there! Of course (Mark) I could port to my friend(s), but after porting to Paige in GH, I refuse to spoil the surprise.  
  • Harvest Hannah is back in the Spiral! She is selling crowns hats, one pair of boots, one robe, and three okay wands. What do I really want? A turkey pet. What else?
Okay, now giving thanks to three people: Mark (Stormhunter? Sorry, I forget stuff.) and Blaze Shadowhorn for   the positive feedback on my previous post(s), and (in game), Erin for the really interesting PvP tips and a couple nice compliments.
Well, seems like that's it. Will post more as I get more screenshots.
Clue of the post: Will lend a different point of view, rather than a new pair of boots.
Keep Traveling!