October 21, 2011


Yes, it's Friday, which means I'm back! I have a lot of updates for you guys...so brace yourselves!!

  • New pack-The Nightmare Pack! I'm a little bummed because the Nightmare mount came out like week s after I got the bone dragon...
  • New bundle! The (correct me if I'm wrong) Hawkrider bundle gives you the items from a regular epic bundle minus the house. I always wanted to stick with my house, but I knew the temptation to a new one (if I get an epic bundle) will overcome me. It is (cr) 30 bucks, which I can handle once I start earning extra cash.
  • Previews- I couldn't really explain them. Head over to Hero's blog to see what he has to say! (I couldn't write it any better!)
  • And yes- the GDC awards mystery pet is a yellow elf! Some wizards love it, while others are bummed. I'd like to hear what you have to say about it.
  •  Blaze F. is level 20! Good job, Blaze! 
  • Blade D's Wi-fi is running again. I'll (yes I will really meet him this time) meet him tomorrow.
That's really it for today, folks! Yeah, eventually I'll post me in my new outfit, which Paige hates.
Keep Traveling, yo!

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