The Sunshine Behind the Clouds

...Blaze D. His internet is probably down again, but what stops him from picking up the phone? P is still out of the house, and I'm pretty sure my Helephant Ears are dead, compared to my Evil Magma Peas, which are acting like little angels.
GIGANTIC shoutout to Talon Thunderblade, who put my blog url on his newest post. He also put Paige's, which makes me twice as happy after hearing BD's answering machine. Without him, my blog might look something like my old blog, an epic fail. Like Talon, I also urge you to support these great blogs that he mentioned.
On to news:

  • Will try to call BD today at noon, when P will be back.
  • Will train Oliver and Ginger (at last)
  • Will try to stitch my boots
  • Might do some GH or WS questing
Keep Traveling! (And thanks, Talon!)
EDIT: And, BD isn't picking up. Got a new outfit at the bazaar. Paige HATES it.


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