New Layout

You've probably seen my layouts change, but I think this one will stay. I took the screenshot when in the Library Archives (Wysteria)...using a treasure card...(sigh).
General updates:
The Hallowe'en Celebration is coming tomorrow!
Gear-a-palooza is coming soon. Save 50% on crowns gear!
Paige now owns three sets of dragon wings (permi) after like seven Dragon's Hoard packs, poor girl.
I hate deadly scratchers (Knight's Court) (I mean, who doesn't hate them?)
Today is the last day of the membership sale (1 yr. for $59.95)
I'm considering leaving my Skeletal Dragon in my yard because he gets caught in battle too much
...well folks, that's really it! I can't post again till Friday afternoon this week, but I'll see you then!
Keep Traveling, yo!


  1. the moon symbol header, as well as the compatability of your background!

    And a tip! Comment on other people's blog to add your blog to their blogroll! As well as follow more blogs! -Thunderblade

  2. Hey Hero! Thanks for the feedback and tips! And will do!

    (And to) Vanessa: Got your note.


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