My Hallowe'en Adventures (Well, more of...)

..questions. This being my first Hallowe'en, I have tons of them. For one, I only got one quest from Jack Hallow. Should I have gotten more? And what's up with the Death School? (Why can't it stay like that?) And are there more than ghosts roaming Wizard City?
(Enough with my blab, here are the general updates.)
Daniel is now level 12!
I own Helephant Ears!
Paige STILL hates Baby Carrots, but now likes Snap Dragons!
(And even more thanks to Hero!)
And a note to you guys.

I have a friend by the name of Blaze Dragonblade, who is my IRL friend. He, (wow), got BORED of Wizard101. Can you believe that? Please persuade him to come back.
Till then,
Keep Traveling!


  1. Jack Hallow will only give you a quest or two to start, but it should branch out into multiple chains. The Death school area is filled with the Halloween towers, which are a specialty for the holiday season. Other than ghosts, you'll see a few pop out decorations, apple tubs, and new characters for Halloween, but that's about it. I've got quite a bit on my blog about Halloween.

    I can sympathize with your friend Blaze... to be honest, Wizard101 can seem boring at times. He should definitely come back for the Halloween drops, contests, and holiday. He can take a break, but he should certainly be back for monthly updates... there could be a new world, new gear, enemies, and new excitement!

  2. Wowza! Thanks so much, Swordroll! Great hearin' from ya!


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