It's Time I do A Few More Screenshots

1. Me and Jack Hallow. (Alt: Bored in the Commons)
2. Oliver hatches
The rest of my screenshots were for a special project of mine.
Lastly, the minor updates:
I'm going to finally continue Grizzleheim
Paige can now stop helping me if I get caught, 'cause I SWITCHED MY SECONDARY SCHOOL TO DEATH. YAY
Daniel is level 11
I'll type up chapt. 1 of my fanfiction soon. Soon like in the next 7 hours soon.
Okay, since my dog just knocked over the....(back) lamp I guess I'll have to go.
Keep Traveling! (And sorry for the lame post...)
Edit: Part of the story is up!


  1. Oh, for your screen shots, you dont want your health, mana, xp bar, etc. right? Press Ctrl G so they are invisble, and for better quality.

  2. Just what I needed to know! Thanks Talon!


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