Enter: Twin

So today's events consisted of:
My meetup with a Blaze F. (Not Blaze D. ) My photos aren't as pristine as I want them to be. I'll post some possible in a couple hours.
Getting a makeover
Paige getting a makeover
We both went bazaaring and didn't tell eachother what we were getting. We both met up at my house and to our surprise:

Gahhh! We were almost twins!!! I called Paigie up and we both laughed for a few minutes before actually saying anything.
In other topics:
Blaze F. is level 21 and his sister is level 16 (Her info to come later)
My Deadly Helephant Ears got to elder!
Paige and I took down a PvP captain (He had 845 health...I'm thinking what?)
Then Paige and I got bashed by a Forest Lord
That's really it. More story coming Sunday!
Keep Traveling!


  1. Where did Paige get that red wand?? What is it called??

  2. Hero,
    It beats me what the wand is called, but it is the one that comes in the Epic Bundle with the Sultan's Palace.
    I think it's the ___________ Flute. Not really sure. Ask Paige.

  3. Congratulating Amber Rosepetal on being my tenth follower!
    Keep Traveling, Amber!

  4. Hmmm... I didn't know that that wand was a different color at a different level...interesing...

  5. Golly...I didn't know that either...


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