Sunken City-check!

So today P and I tackled the Sunken city. I must say that after defeating Nimah The Wicked on my own, Sunken City was no more than a potion bottle and an epic blizzard. I did it with another anonymous wizard, who proved useful and very friendly. She was a life, and she never failed to kill with her secondary fire spells. I served as heavy defense, and P stocked up on pips for an epic judgement. All in all, Cyrus gave Marla and A minus and he gave me a D. Not bad! Also, I will probably rant tomorrow on my overspending with Wyvern's Hoard Packs. Unless I rethink and go for Dragon's hoard.  Yeah...
So, see you guys tomorrow in the Ice Tower..hope to meet you all!
Keep traveling!
(Oh, and I was too busy to take screenshots. When I help B and DM (Daniel Mythblade, P's other char) I'll be sure to take them then.)