Oy Vey

Yup, the title says it all. We've all come to a roadblock, whether it's Sunken City, The Annoying Battlefield Crimson Fields Quest, or, in my case, Kensington Park.
For those of you who don't know what Kensington Park is; it's a dungeon in Marleybone. After a long talk with my circle of wizards, we all agreed that this dungeon, like Sunken City, was pretty much torture. The easiest street enemies were loaded with 2000 health! After fleeing, I did some research. And here's what I found. (Not plagiarizing. My explanation is in MY OWN WORDS.)
Kensington Park is THE go-to place for badgehunters, but for those who are getting sick of Marleybone or tend to avoid sidequests, skip this dungeon. It is not mandatory.
Now then, if you DO need help with Kensington park, I still will be stubborn enough to venture in there with my buds. Just give me a holler!
Also, my Watchtower is alomst ready for showcasing, I just need to buy a few things and let my pets free.
Keep traveling, yo!