The Marleybone house didn't last very long...

Now it's just a large garden. When the Wizard's Watchtower came out, I bought it almost immediately. The stained glass windows and the observatory caught my eye. Not only is this Thaumaturge an astronomy enthusiast, but the stained glass remind me of home, where we have a large stained glass window next to my grand piano. I wanted the Watchtower to remind me of home, so I placed my piano near a window. The library, though, is the part that amazes me. For a long time, I gawked at the various libraries around the spiral.  There is so much knowledge to be sucked out of these books, and only so little time before I have to start questing. This castle is probably the one I'll keep as my primary house...for a long time.
(Okeez..excuse the horrible half-poetic explanation...screenshots come in about a week when I finish decorating. And by the way, before I cancelled the party, nobody came, so no loss. :) I won my tennis matches.)
Keep Traveling!


  1. FYI: I cancelled the party about 45 minutes in, when I WAS on time and nobody came....


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