I'm back/ Fanfiction begins/ A Suprise for P

No, I am not dead, thank you very much.
Now then, after lots of planning, P and I have begun working on a Wizard101 themed fanfiction for you guys! We're both pretty psyched, so I made the blurb (The stuff on the back of your book that makes you excited)
Meet Destiny: She's the miracle teacher with a strange health condition.
Meet Paige: She's Destiny's best friend and bodyguard.
Meet Daniel: He's Paige's brother and the strongest of the three. He too is very close to Destiny.
Watch the trio as they (Wait for me to make a cool ending, honestly..)
And now, what you've all been psyched about. TODAY marks Paige's birthday. I've saved up enough to buy her an epic bundle  (Sultan's palace), and she already knows because I asked for her preference.
The part she doesn't know about is the artypay I've planned for her. It will be in the Eadmaster'shay Owertay today at entay o'clockyay STPay. Oenixphay Ealmray, Areayay Oneyay.  Sorry. My computer is screwed right now, as it will be for a while.
Don't miss it. Screenshots will be taken. Jokes will be told.
Happy birthday Paigie-o!
Keep Traveling!


  1. If you guys don't know, the odd words are in pig-latin. Here's the key.
    Eykay-(1) Take off the 'ay' at the end. (2) Take the last letter (k) and move it to the front.
    Appleyay: This word starts with a vowel when un-pig-latin-a-tized. Just take off the 'yay'.
    Any questions? Email me at DestinySoultamer @ gmail dot com


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