Happy Third Birthday!

With school gifting me a three-day weekend, I could stretch out my time to check..everything. On my peep at Friendly's blog, I was surprised that I didn't notice Wizzy's Third Brithday!!! I joined smack dab in the middle of the first year, and stayed for the second and third. The progress is truly amazing. When I joined in, Grizzleheim was testing and P (welcoming my friend IRL Blaze) as well as B weren't even playing yet. I regret how slowly I have leveled, and how poor my money management was three years ago.
But we're past that. I look forward to more questing, spells, maybe some interesting clothing, and (something that I feel alone in as a topic) the inspiring music.
Happy Birthday!!
(The Traveler will take a rest in WC on
Sunday, Sept. 4
10:00 AM PST
Ice Tower
Seeya there)
EDIT: Oh my! I missed the party by TWO HOURS! My most sincere apologies.


  1. Shoutout to Elijah Lightthief, my sixth follower! Thanks for joining! Travel on!


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