Though I cannot acess W101 at this point, my research has told me that Wysteria has abandoned the test realm! This means only that we wizards have yet another fun task to complete! For those who don't know, the storyline of Wysteria is that YOU have been chosen to represent Ravenwood's losing streak as you clash with other schools for the Spiral Cup, the ultimate prize! The contest takes place at Pigswick Academy, in the world of Wysteria! Unfortunately, I can post my screenshots come tonight, when I will buy membership and enter. But, from my test realm experiences, Wysteria is like a little town, filled with light foliage and pastel colors. There are schools of magic, like Ravenwood, and here is what I have picked up.
Frost-Ice, maybe
Spirit (Ghost, Undead, etc)-Death..?
Chaos-Myth, most probably
Ember-Fire or life. The colors say fire, but the description screams life all over.
(Ahh! Stupid names!!)-Life..
What confuses me is that 'they' say that Frost is quick and fragile, and ice is nowhere near fragile, with their shields and extra defenses.
On to personal news: (Update: I have returned home and will begin playing again tomorrow.) Tomorrow I will be going with Paigie to the nearest Target and will be getting 2 months of membership and 5,000 crowns. This means that I'll be venturing into Wysteria.
Other news: My research (Thanks Friendly :) has informed me that a new 'hoard' pack is out in the crown shop. Seems like it's stocked with high level gear, plants (furniture), and seeds. I also heard of a new Wyvern mount, to where all my crowns will go.
More tomorrow


  1. I still need some info on Pegasus Place and Tanglewood way, as well as badges and pets/shops.

  2. Okay, I just gotta thank my new followers! My computer is messing up things and won't let me see who you are, but THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It means a lot to me.

  3. Update: I have membership and crowns! I have ventured into Wysteria and will upload the screenshots when I'm with Paigie. Till then; Tip: If you're on a quest looking for something that has no QH, ask people who've already done it; as they found the spots after they finished it.


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