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I'd like to welcome you all to my travels! You can refer to me as Destiny or Des. As mentioned, I specialize in the art of Thaumaturgy, or ice wizardry. To add onto that, my secondary school is life with a little death mixed in there. This is a topic that has been on my mind for a while.
So, here I am: I'm doing a little PvP with my bestie Paige Daisypetal, and the battle is versus two level 36 storm wizards, apparently friends. I tower shield a few turns, then seraph to afflict some damage. Then, out of the blue, (probably behind me,) a pyromancer yelled out
"Yo Destiny. Are you ice and life?" Being proud of my schools, I replied
"Yes. Happy to be." (I casted an ice wyvern this particular turn.)
"Well you shouldn't. Ice and Life are weak."
This is where I'll end the story. Just because Ice and Life are near the bottom of the hit point charts, doesn't mean that they are weak. Annoying shields, aided by even more annoying heals AND HIT POINTS win the battles. Get my drift? I'd like to see some comments regarding this.


  1. im paigedaisypetal youre friend. nice blog by the way.


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