Site seems to be down!

And indeed it does! Today I was going to take the screenshots for The Friendly Necromancer's contest. I was on the edge of my seat. But when I typed in my password, the site didn't recognize it. Moments later, it was under maintenance. So, without an article, I signed onto blogger for some feedback. My one follower (Hi Paige) has had this same problem with her account. (Oh, and could you help her with Sunken City? I'm only allowed one hour of wizardry per day. Thanks!) Please tell me if this happened to YOU.


  1. Now I am sad that you will not be able to help me with sunken city.

  2. You should know (Everyvody,) that I have gotten an email from KI and they apologized and said it was indeed a bug, so they followed up with maintenance. This problem has been fixed, and Paige's plants aren't dead.
    Travel on, Wizzies!


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