Mooshu and an empty journal

On Mooshu: Today I ported to Paige to help her out in Mooshu, though I should be in MB questing. So far, things are beautiful and ninja pigs are cowering in terror by the looks on our faces. I like it. Photos come soon.
On the journal: I, with P's help, am beginning to write a W101 themed FanFiction. Right now, I would not like to release any spoilers, but if you so desire them, email me at for interesting tidbits of parts.
On what I didn't mention in the title: With the advice of Malorn Ghostrider, I have finally bought the Metropolitan Manor (Marleybone House) of my dreams. The only thing bugging me: the grand piano costs more than the house itself and made me broke. But, being a musician, the piano means a lot to me, and it's worth it.
Happy Questing, yo!
(Edit: next post will be on Saturday featuring my meet with my friend IRL! Just wait!!)


  1. lol, some housing items can be pretty expensive. But when you're a "Housing Maniac" like me, you can spend upwards of 200,000 gold on one house alone....

  2. Gulp. Thanks for commenting! You're the first!
    (Presses the obviously broken applause button. Darn..)


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