Minor Update for You

Two days ago, I finally finished Temple of Storms (after three broken connections) and am now questing in Marleybone! And, to (You know who you are..) I actually have never gotten caught off the 'street' in there yet! I ported to my friend in Chelsea Park (Paige) and am now questing currently in Hyde park.
I felt sort of sorry for the Manders. Their artifacts and tools, taken away to Marleybone to be showcased in some museum! I think if I could twist a plot there, I would have battled a few dogs so they wouldn't truck away the artifacts.
And now. The news that I hate to say.
I can only go onto W101 and the blog on the weekends because of school and the awesome game of tennis. Don't blame my schedule or the game. My posts will be longer even, and my school is famous for its break time. It starts on the 31st.
Photos from Marleybone come soon.