The First Rant of my Travels

And so here it is.
I walk into the hatchery, 50,000 gold and my adult frost cat. I see three things:

  • A whole lot of level 48+ people
  • A whole lot of level 48+ pets
  • A whole lot of arguing around the filter
Which really ticks me off. Next, I notice there is no hybrid pet to be made with a frost/blue/frozen/etc. cat.
Being Destiny Soultamer though, I stick around and settle for a hatching sigil with a giant spider and a wiz about my level. Five minutes later in my dorm, my new giant spider hatches. My GH themed dorm just fits little Max, who will reside there when he gets to adult. For now, though, I'm working towards getting a nightmare. My unicorn is always in my backpack and there are no helephants in sight. Only the new phoenixes, which are mega cool but not what I need.
Now to the last bullet. Chatting around the filter is an immediate ticket to the next million Destiny Soultamers to ignore you, even if you're on the (not so) prestigious friends list. Trust me, I would have kept ya (blank) and (blank). But there was too much filtered bleep to be tolerated.
(Notices first two bullets and thinks again) Now that I think about it, the only good pet combos are level 48+ only. I really hope KI changes that. It's a bother.
Well, will be out from tomorrow to the next Monday, so see ya'll then.


  1. I must have the nightmare!


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