At long last....

I finally took a few screenshots!!

In order:
1. Azure dragon casting reshuffle (Destiny level 11)
2. Destiny getting wierded out by Selena...(Level whoknowswhich)
3. My GH themed dorm AND my pink dandelion ( grew!)
4. Me, Destiny Soultamer, Level 28
5. World tree level 28
6. Closeup!!!
7. On the GH rainbow with my new broom!!
8. Hall of the ice forge
(I'll turn QH off for next set...)
Also, I'll be off until Tuesday...sorry for the inconvenience


  1. Yes, it's me. I'll be able to get on blogger by lappie, but not the game. I've killed my mom's laptop with it...

  2. Omg these are so awesome!!!!!!!! I love the pink dandelion. Very cool.

  3. Just to be artsy, Paigeie.
    And 2 edits- will be back on Monday -the Selena pic is level 20

  4. Destiny SoultamerAugust 18, 2011

    And (oi) that Destiny Soultamer is me. Suffering from comp problems. Paige vouch for me please

  5. Destiny SoultamerAugust 19, 2011

    (I don't think this'll be big enough for a post..)
    On Monday, I will be getting 5,000 crowns and 2 months of membership,yo! Thank dog for grandparents! (Love you guys! One day, I'll see you in the spiral, messing around (Opa...))


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