Gelatinous Cubes on Herding Cats

“At this point,” the DM brought to light to the Dungeons and Dragons table last week, “You’re really freaked out. Against your better judgement, you’ve all stuck around in the chamber to trounce this beast.” While Melody’s player counterpart faked being short of breath, the rest of us sat a little more forward as the DM moved the 4d6 a little bit closer to Finn. “So, what next?”

Liore from Herding Cats was very kind to give me the opportunity to write a guest post for her website while she went on vacation. I am grateful for being thought of and had a great time writing the post "Gelatinous Cubes Make Excellent Team-Building Exercises" for her. Read the rest of the post HERE!


Wizard101: The 30 Levels in 30 Days Challenge

If you're here because of the picture of my cat on Twitter, let me know in the comments section.
I never really thought I'd be coming back to this game. I mean, I had an inkling of a feeling that I'd miss it when my play slowed and eventually stopped a few years ago, and that inkling of a feeling has never been more true. I missed the game whenever I thought about it, and though the frequency of such an event fluctuated, I've begun missing it more and more.

So, I told myself, Why not give it another try? You only have, what, thirty-something levels to clear? Buy a month's membership. 


Concept vs. Character: Creating Gillix Growley

Behold Growley.

It took a lot of effort to get my D&D logic into shape when creating this guy. Creating a grumpy, headstrong, lance-wielding rock gnome of awesome was an experience unlike any other I have had when creating a character. I learned not only how to play a gnome, but how to play as a character built on more than just fighting and surviving. So Gillix was born.


The Virtues of Streaming (and Why I Blog)

A few days ago, a friend was considering buying Eidolon and asked for advice. I explained my standpoint ("Buy it, buy it, buy it!"), but I figured that there was a slightly better way for my friend to get a taste of the game. "If you'd like," I asked, "I could actually stream some Eidolon onto Twitch so you can get a better taste."

Yesterday, I streamed Eidolon for an hour and answered live viewer questions. It's a new level of thrill that I first experienced at that time (since I wasn't talking to a wall), and I'm excited to stream again sometime. But, at my core, I'm a blogger. Here are a few reasons why I like to stream, but why blogging is where I'm at.


Escape to Gameworks

This week has me completely exhausted for post content. As I continue to work, enjoy a few shots from my outing with my friends Desmond and Jon! We went to Gameworks in downtown Seattle. 


638 Words, One Opinion: Steam's Refund Policy

For my next trick, I will - in 638 words or so - flesh out the latest and pack on my own personal thoughts on it! Today's topic is something new to Steam users and devs submitting to it, and it's generating all sorts of reviews. To some, it's a wallet-saver that insures the most bang for one's buck. To others, it's the death of demos and even a potentially income loss for certain developers. What one thing could span across bought DLC, games of all types, and both the player and developer base as a whole?

That's right, folks - Steam's officially offering refunds. Here we go! Wordcount begins....now!