August 28, 2015

PAX Blog 1: On Getting Into Character (Blaugust 25)

There's this ritual that I have whenever I cosplay that I use to get myself into character - especially on the first day of applying the personality to public. The moment that it's on, I know that I have work to do. And of course, I'm free to do out-of-character things like put on my glasses or make fart jokes when the piece isn't on. For the faun costume, the Character Piece was the collective total of my jewelry - four necklaces, an ear cuff if I had actually brought it, and a bracelet. I remember actually freaking Stormy out a little bit on the second day of the Faire; I put all my jewelry on and immediately began making the faun noises I'd make up the day before. 

For Wilson P. Higgsbury, my Character Piece is most definitely the gloves. As with the jewelry - also bought specifically for the costume (and then some for tradition) - I kind of fell into character when I first put them on. When I finally got the ends of the gloves under my shirt sleeves and comfortably on my palms, I cracked a grin that later went into some of my better photoshoot results. At that point, I was able to really get up and started with the rest of my costume, knowing that it was going to be a complete success. 

Still, there's a level of risk when getting into character. I learned this from the faun pretty quickly - Some people loved the noises and the stomping and the jangling, and many small children stayed far away from me. With Wilson, I have to worry extra about staying in character, given that it's pretty easy for me to act hyper and excitable while it's more difficult to appear restrained and scientific-like. I haven't been able to test this personality in a public setting yet, even just for posing without too much interference with a mirror, but I'm determined to make it work by the end of the con. 

Anyways, happy PAX, everyone. I'll post some pictures on my Twitter today. 

August 27, 2015

People Doing Panel: A Story of Lost Hype [Blaugust 24]

A week or so ago, the Guidebook for PAX Prime was released to the App Store (and therefore, the world). PAX attendees from all over began assembling their schedules, myself included from day one. Which panels did I want to see? Could I make any confusing connections with the unexplained system on the right sidebar? PAX was approaching fast, and I needed to make sure I optimized my panel time.

And then, 'people doing panel' came to light. What was its name? Well, for a long time, that's what it was. The internet sat down to conspire, and I stayed along for the ride until the very end of the situation.

August 25, 2015

On Time (And That I Don't Have Any) [Blaugust 23]

get it, 'cos it's a watch
Time is a wonderful, cherished thing. I take it seriously, waking up early and staying up late out of near necessity. Over the past few years, especially, I've found myself more and more busy, things to do taking up more hours than I'd really like them to - and worse when there are cat pictures to look at! But still, I persist. I play games on the weekends or whenever I can fit them in, blogging when I have enough content or research to write about, and working on my costumes on a set hour and day. And for the most part, it's that "easy".

August 24, 2015

Things I'm Going To Do At PAX [Blaugust 22]

Let's play catchup, one post at at time. I'm dedicating this week to all sorts of PAX Prime hype, from my cosplay to my otherwise plans! This will be the first PAX I've attended that I actually understand the goings-on of, so I'm super pumped to relive a few confusing memories in full knowledge and flair...hopefully. Here's what I've got planned for the big weekend.

Painting the Vest for the Wilson Cosplay [Blaugust 21]

As I desperately try to catch up on Blaugust, I'll be posting a little more about my cosplay for PAX as Wilson. The entire thing put together in the matter of a few days, I've recently finished the entire thing with the completion of the characteristic red striped vest. My process was simple, but for people who are new to cosplay and modifying pieces, the process can appear daunting. All in all, though, I created for myself a very usable and re-usable piece.

August 23, 2015

Cosplay: Styling the Wilson Wig [Blaugust 20]

Stormy and I have created a name for ourselves. What, what do you mean you took that figuratively? Quite seriously, we came up with a stupid team name over the course of making the faun costume. In real life, I'm called Red by some of my friends, and so from that we came up with Crimson Storm as a name for the both of us when we costume. Do you like how that sounds? ...anyways. I've been working on a cosplay of Wilson for this upcoming PAX Prime, and I've just gotten through one of the portions that will be the most prominent in the entire set: The wig. It's been a journey, so let's take a look at how it came to be the way it is now.