MMO Noobery: Trying Out Skyforge

I'm a noob. I won't deny it, and I'll try not to go too long on how embarrassing it can get. It's who I am, though. I haven't ever played <insert almost anything here>, and while I've had temptations to play WoW with my friends, the threat of it becoming a money-suck or even something I could feel intimidated with (once again, I'm the queen of noobs) has kept me from setting sail into the universe of MMOs, which has been a place I've wanted to explore for years. When Skyforge hit open beta, I decided to push myself to give it a try, to give something new in and of itself a try with my blank slate.


Sorry for the Holdup

In the meantime, enjoy this picture that the Ninja Bunny Lord (Ian) 
put together for me last Wednesday. 

Hey, there. I've got a post in the works about the Skyforge beta and a few other things. I'm really sorry for the short posts lately, but I promise I'll get back on track soon. It's been a little crazy with:

  • New exercise - Getting physical therapy for an injury and I have to change up a lot of things
  • Costuming - I talk about this on Twitter plenty, but I'm working with a friend to make costumes for a Renaissance Fair coming up, and that's eaten days at a time
  • NaNoWriMo - Well, it's supposed to have been going. I'm inspired, but just out of time to do very much with my project at all. 
  • Actually questing on W101 (*when I don't end up falling asleep on my questing buddy)
  • Family being in town (multiple times)
  • Other life interruptions which have prohibited me from being able to sit down and write posts. 
Thanks for putting up with me, and I promise things will be back on track soon. 


30 Levels in 30 Days: A Whole Lot of Nope

Yeah, so that went well. 

I really should have known that the challenge was ridiculous. OK, I did, but I did it anyways. Anyone who's known me for a few years knows that's kind of my thing. I'm going to keep playing throughout this month nonetheless, but I know I won't get anywhere close to my goal. I'm hoping to find another month to continue on, therefore, and continue my slow pursuit towards 100. 

Anyways, things have gotten in the way lately that have prevented me from really being able to write a post, but if you guys want to hear about what I've been working on with costuming for the Renaissance Faire this year, then just leave a comment below and I'll share a more in-depth look at my progress. 


I Played an Hour of ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS Completely Alone

AKA I need to relax in the most exciting way possible.
I met ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS at PAX, and boy is it fun to type in all caps whenever I talk about it! Nestled at the corner of sci-fi and well-dressed Hatsune Miku cosplayer, Radial Games had a screen going of ROCKETSROCKETSROCKETS (just try typing it, it's so fulfilling) and I immediately liked the bright colors and simplicity of the UI. I didn't know that I'd be getting so much more than that when I bought, though, from funny remarks to not-GLaDOS making them while in-game.

See, what I appreciate the most about this easily-grasped rocket-fighter is that it's clever. The design is clever. The controls are clever - pressing/holding keys to make important decisions, whether that be entering a match or firing a continuous stream of missiles - and intuitive to my controller. Zen Mode is snarky ("Three, two, one...Om.") and satisfying when I get to observe the trails of light I've made. The music is upbeat and interesting, as well as skippable to a more preferable track of the OST with just a few button-presses. The design of the rockets is funny from the names of them to the way the lights pulsate to the beat of the music.

It's just a clever game, overall. 

10/10 very clever can't wait for updates

I need sleep...


Gelatinous Cubes on Herding Cats

“At this point,” the DM brought to light to the Dungeons and Dragons table last week, “You’re really freaked out. Against your better judgement, you’ve all stuck around in the chamber to trounce this beast.” While Melody’s player counterpart faked being short of breath, the rest of us sat a little more forward as the DM moved the 4d6 a little bit closer to Finn. “So, what next?”

Liore from Herding Cats was very kind to give me the opportunity to write a guest post for her website while she went on vacation. I am grateful for being thought of and had a great time writing the post "Gelatinous Cubes Make Excellent Team-Building Exercises" for her. Read the rest of the post HERE!


Wizard101: The 30 Levels in 30 Days Challenge

If you're here because of the picture of my cat on Twitter, let me know in the comments section.
I never really thought I'd be coming back to this game. I mean, I had an inkling of a feeling that I'd miss it when my play slowed and eventually stopped a few years ago, and that inkling of a feeling has never been more true. I missed the game whenever I thought about it, and though the frequency of such an event fluctuated, I've begun missing it more and more.

So, I told myself, Why not give it another try? You only have, what, thirty-something levels to clear? Buy a month's membership.